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Experienced in providing the best value VPS hosting for over 20 years.


LinuxCloudVPS.com is a service of Rose Web Services LLC, which has been building complex hosting setups and providing enterprise grade hosting solutions for public and private clouds since 2001. Our cloud setups can be customized to fit your business needs while saving you money.

LinuxCloudVPS.com is the best solution for your cloud hosting needs, especially if it is growing in traffic and resources used. With our cloud computing there is no need to invest upfront on expensive infrastructure.

Rose Web Services LLC is a privately owned St. Louis, Missouri based company, founded in 2001 with the vision of becoming a leading provider of business and personal web hosting solutions. We recently celebrated over 20 years Anniversary. By focusing on quality equipment, stability and incredible value for money, we set ourselves apart from our competitors. We offer unique, user-friendly solutions for personal or business use.

About our Cloud Hosting service

Whether you are looking to host personal websites, small or large business websites, blogs, forums, streaming media, reseller platforms or something totally unique, we will provide unequalled reliability, scalability, performance, cost effectiveness and manageability.

Our cloud architecture is designed from the ground up with redundancy at its core. A traditional server always has a single point of failure; a power supply, a hard drive, a power outage. Our cloud VPS uses redundant NVMe storage, and KVM virtualized images which allow for easy restoration of your server if a host failure occurs. If there is some problem with a hypervisor host, rest assured that your data is kept intact. Your data is not referring to the host server itself, it is safely located on a separate storage device, which is redundant and ready to be migrated to a working host if needed.

To ensure maximum performance and reliability, LinuxCloudVPS uses enterprise servers and brand-name hardware only. We exclusively use the latest-generation Dell PowerEdge servers to provide you with the ultimate in performance and reliability. You can rest easy knowing that your server and its data are safe with us.

Top reasons to use our cloud service


We have been in this business for over 2 decades

We've been pioneering in the hosting industry for over 20 years and we are here to stay. You can have the peace of mind that when you need us the most we will be here for you. We are a responsible, debt-free private company that has plans to stay in business for a very long time.


We keep our network squeaky clean!

We closely monitor all of our signups and network traffic. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to any customer at any time if we determine that their site or activity does not belong on our network.


We operate 24/7 all year round

It is simple. No Holidays, no vacations, no sick days. We are here 24/7 every day of the year. We're always here to assist you with any infrastructure issues that you might be experiencing.


Best value VPS on the market

We don't skimp on the hardware for our cloud system infrastructure, and for the quality level we provide we simply have no competition at the price levels we offer. Our service is a great deal any way you look at it. We will match or beat any reasonable public offer for a comparable cloud service.

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