How to Install Elasticsearch on Debian 12

how to install elasticsearch on debian 12

Elasticsearch is a document-oriented database server built with Java. It is an open-source and real-time search and analytics engine. We can also say that Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database, as it stores data in an unstructured way, where you cannot use SQL to query it. Elasticsearch is typically used to support complex queries and high-performance applications. This article aims to guide you through the installation and configuration process of Elasticsearch on Debian 12.

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How to Install CouchDB on AlmaLinux

how to install couchdb on almalinux

Apache CouchDB is a free yet reliable non-relational or NoSQL database engine. It is written in Erlang language and natively supports data in JSON format. The data can be accessed and queried via the HTTP protocol, making it easier and more scalable compared to traditional SQL relational databases like MySQL. CouchDB also offers replication capability and provides high availability access. This tutorial will show you how to install CouchDB on AlmaLinux.

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