Why You Should Move From An Ordinary VPS To A Cloud VPS?

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Sometime back, the entire computing world was caught in a heated debate about which one is better for hosting websites, a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server. The consensus back then was that a Virtual Private Server was better, since it was cheaper to set up, cheaper to run, and allowed hardware to run at higher utilization ratings. A VPS was also dubbed as the more flexible, more widely customizable choice. But it was also true that Virtual Private Servers also posed a lot of problems, especially pertaining to maintenance and backups.

What is Cloud VPS

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The term ‘cloud vps‘ refers to fully redundant and self-healing virtualized servers with automatic fail-over capabilities accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

The actual term ‘cloud’ is coming from telephony services in telecommunication companies who until the 1990s provisioned mainly dedicated point to point data circuits. Then they began providing Virtual Private Network (VPN) services with corresponding quality of service but at a greatly reduced price.