Why You Should Move From An Ordinary VPS To A Cloud VPS?

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Sometime back, the entire computing world was caught in a heated debate about which one is better for hosting websites, a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server. The consensus back then was that a Virtual Private Server was better, since it was cheaper to set up, cheaper to run, and allowed hardware to run at higher utilization ratings. A VPS was also dubbed as the more flexible, more widely customizable choice. But it was also true that Virtual Private Servers also posed a lot of problems, especially pertaining to maintenance and backups.

After it was decided that a VPS was better, the debate moved on to whether a VPS should be Windows-based or Linux-based. The consensus, this time, was that a Linux VPS was better as it provided greater flexibility, more reliability, and surer stability.

And now, the debate has moved on yet again, this time to whether a cloud VPS is better than an ordinary VPS, either Windows-based or Linux-based.

A cloud VPS is a virtual private server located on the cloud, which means it is always available as long as the Internet connection is up and running. While a VPS can give you robust performance and more resources, it is undeniable that the benefits of a cloud VPS are far greater especially for businesses.

Here are some of the reasons why you should move from an ordinary VPS to a cloud VPS:

      100% uptime for networks. Your hosting package as well as the entire network running on the cloud will always be up and available to other members of the network. This means that even if you’re not in front of your computer, other members of the team or company can access your important company files through the cloud.
      Your site will be constantly up. There is nothing more disastrous for a business, especially web-based or e-commerce businesses, than to have their company websites be unavailable. This can translate to lots of wasted opportunities, opportunities that would have otherwise translated into lots of income for the company. With a cloud VPS, though, your site will always be up, ready to accept customers and make money for your business.
      You have unlimited growth potential. A cloud VPS and a regular VPS are the same in many ways, but one of the ways in which they differ is that, in a cloud VPS, resources are on-demand. So if you need more, you will easily be able to get more.
      Pay for what you need. In cloud hosting, you will only pay for the resources that you actually use up. In regular VPS hosting, this is not possible because hardware has to be setup and has to have limits. Thus, the two have different payment schemes. In an ordinary VPS, you will pay predictable similar costs every month. In a cloud VPS, however, you will be billed for each minute. This means you will not pay for resources you didn’t use in the first place.
      Cloud VPS is instantly scalable. Both cloud VPS and ordinary VPS are scalable. The difference is, an ordinary VPS can be quickly scalable by purchasing additional resources such as memory, disk space, and processor speed, but a cloud VPS is ‘instantly’ scalable, without the need for purchasing anything. You can use up as much bandwidth, CPU space, and memory as you need then be billed accordingly.

The ideal hosting plan for any company is not a specific choice between these two, but a relative choice depending on what the company requires.

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